Access Denied while Creating Publishing Pages

The issue is, when a user with contribute permission (or even design) in a sub-site tries to create a publishing page (eg: enterprise Wiki page) he/she gets an ‘access denied’ error message within the popup window for creating new page. This might be because the administrator of the site collection which the page or sub-site is in might have deleted a built-in security group called “Style Resource Reader”. This group is automatically created when publishing feature is enabled in a site collection and is used to give all authenticated users permission into the resources (like master pages and RSS files) needed to render pages in the site collection and it’s sub-sites. Usually this security group is given read permission into the Master Page Gallery and Style Library in the site collection.

If permission for this group is removed accidently by the site collection administrator, you can reassign the permission by performing the following steps.

  1. Navigate to the site collection with a site collection admin user account.
  2. Open Site Actions > Manage Content and Structure
  3. Expand the dropdown menu on Master Page Gallery on the left navigation tree and select Edit Properties
  4. Click on ‘Permission for this document library’ link under Permissions and Management section
  5. Click on Grant Permission button on the ribbon
  6. Type in “Style Resource Readers” (or any other name you provided if you changed the group name) and resolve the name
  7. Check Read permission and click OK.
  8. Make sure that ‘NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users’ group is present in the security group
  9. Repeat the above steps for Style Library

If the permission group is completely deleted from the site collection, recreate the group with same name (or any other names) and perform the steps above to give it appropriate permission.


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