Delay in Updating SharePoint RSS Feeds in Outlook 2010

Most of time users may complain about RSS feed not getting updated in timely manner from SharePoint lists and libraries even though they have set the Send/Receive interval to shorter duration. This is because, in a SharePoint site, there is a minimum default time of one hour is set which RSS feed reader applications can request for update from RSS feeds in that site. This default minimum time can be changed by the site owner by performing following steps.

  1. Navigate to Site Settings > RSS (under Site Administration)
  2. Change “Time to Live (minutes)” to desired duration. Default is 60 minutes.

If you cannot change this property due to some reason (like organizational policy), you can instruct the complaining users to perform the following steps in Outlook to override this “publisher enforced delay”.

  1. In MS Outlook 2010, open Outlook Account Settings by clicking File tab > Account Settings > Account Settings…
  2. In the Account Settings screen, select RSS Feeds tab, select desired RSS feed from the list and click Change…
  3. In the RSS Feed Options screen, UNCHECK the Update Limit check box and click OK.
  4. Click Close on Account Settings screen

Now the RSS feeds will be synced according to the Send and Receive frequency you’ve set in Outlook. You can change the Send and Receive frequency by performing the following steps.

  1. Open Outlook Options screen by clicking File tab > Options
  2. In Outlook Options, select Advanced on the left hand side pane and then click on Send and Receive button on right.
  3. In Send/Receive Groups screen select the account you want (All Accounts by default) and change the Automatic Send/Receive schedule to desired duration.

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