Incorrect search result title for Word 2007 documents in SharePoint 2010 search

I have set up our SharePoint 2010 platform and when we were about to migrate our SharePoint 2007 sites and contents into the new platform, we noticed that the document titles are showing incorrectly in SharePoint 2010 search results for documents created with MS Word 2007. When I tested it more with a bunch of documents created with Word 2007, it was observed that actually search was picking up first fiew readable words within the document instead of picking document title (metadata) or filename if there is no title for the document. It looks like a new feature that MS added into SharePoint 2010 search. We have like 1000s of documents created with MS Word 2007 in our MOSS 2007 production which need to be migrted to new SharePoint 2010. This new feature almost make the search results unusable becuase the search result will show first few words from within the document and most of the documents will have the text “Table of Contents” as first readable normal text in the document. Just to test, I created some documents in Word 2007 providing the document title inside first page of the document in big bold letters and for some reason, search was omitting those text in big bold letters.

Fortunately, before we start migrating stuff from MOSS 2007, we found out a workaround for this. Even though Microsoft has not provided an option within SharePoint to turn this feature off, the configuration is kept inside Windows registry. It can be changed by performing the following steps in the app searver running SharePoint Search Service.

  1. Open registry for editing by typing “regedit.exe” in Start > Run
  2. Navigate to the key [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office Server\14.0\Search\Global\Gathering Manager]
  3. Change the hexadecimal value for EnableOptimisticTitleOverride to 0 (zero) on the right hand side.
  4. Restart SharePoint Search service by typing the following commands in command prompt.
    • net stop osearch14
    • net start osearch14
  5. Perform a full crawl

After the full crawl, document title will be displayed in search resutl for Word 2007 documents just like Word 2010 documents. I haven’t done much testing to check the consequeces of the registry change mentioned above.

Update [7-Apr-2011]: Confirmed with Microsoft that it is a valid workaround and it will not cause any issues with Search service. Microsoft is already working on a KB article describing this fix. Thanks to Thomas McDaniel (Senior Premier Field Engineer, Microsoft) for confirming this.


18 thoughts on “Incorrect search result title for Word 2007 documents in SharePoint 2010 search

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  4. My manger is unwilling to consider a “Global Settings” change such as a registry edit to fix this issue. (Even though my research on the web has found this fix documented on a dozen or more different sites!)His view is that the primary issue is limited to searches on our document library, and we do not know what impact this would have on other searches. That said, I have been directed to only look at solutions that will only affect the one libary we store our documents in, and nothing else. So far, I have figured out how to build a custom search results page, but am at a loss at how to configure it to replace the incorrect field it is using as title with either the real title field, or the file name field. In our environment, both title and file name are the same or very similar. I am very new to Sharepoint…

  5. // EnableOptimisticTitleOverride to 0 (zero) //

    If this field is set as zero in registry – Just wanted to know whether the sharepoint search will consider the doc name or doc title as display link title ?

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  7. We’ve done this and it works great – Thank You! but what about titles with an ampersand (“&”) the search is not picking up the title at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Like any other search engines, SharePoint search also uses ‘&’ as a reserved word. It is used to combine multiple search keywords. If you want to use ‘&’ like a search term, put the search terms including ‘&’ in double quotes (” “). Eg. “time & money” instead of time & money.

  9. Saji,
    You are the man. This solution works!

    Step 4 can also be accomplished this way
    Go to Start–>Administrative Tools–>Services
    Stop Sharepoint Server Search 14
    Start Sharepoint Server Search 14

  10. It works also for SharePoint Foundation 2010 just by using the registry from

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Web Server Extensions\14.0\Search\Global\Gathering Manager]

  11. Hi Saji, Grt Post.
    I have implemented the above fix on my App server, but even after a full crawl all the concerned documents still show the same Title which is the first visible line within the documents and not the Title from the document properties.

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